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Recipients - Jacob

Dear Mrs Bowyer,

Thank you for the funding, in the final year of my education at Brymore Academy. It was really quite an enjoyable year, I have made some great friends and with them created some great memories.

Among the results I achieved for my studies at Brymore, I managed to achieve a grade C equivalent in both EnglishLanguage, Literature and Maths, frustratingly my teachers informed me I was only a couple of marks off a higher grade . I had already achieved a B in Core Science in year 10 and achieved a C and D for Additional and Further Additional Science GCSEs, as I did triple science. I achieved a Distinction in BTEC level 2 Engineering. This really pleased me, as it is a subject I enjoyed a lot! I was always in the school workshops after school working on additional engineering projects or improving my curriculum work. I believe, this dedication to do well in Engineering was recognised, when, at the leavers' service I gained an award in the subject. I was also very pleased to be among those of our year, to achieve my colours for completing the required number of Chads runs, and attending fitness and rugby.

I believe that my decision, to attend Brymore Academy was definitely the correct one for me. With the help of some great teachers and a lot of support, I achieved results far beyond my expectations at the start of year 9. I made friends that made my time as a boarder great and created some brilliant memories that will stay with me for my lifetime. I appreciate my parents who enabled and supported me to go there and 'The Bowyer Trust' without whose financial support in my final year, I would have not been able to remain at Brymore.

I now attend Bridgwater College, were I am studying towards my BTEC level 3 in Engineering. I also work part time at a local business, were I am getting hand on experience in one area of Engineering. I am currently considering whether to apply to the RAF, were I can peruse a career in engineering.


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