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About The Charity

In 1988 several members of our family felt that the most effective method of making a positive contribution would be by way of a Trust; and after much consideration, The Bowyer Family Memorial Trust was formed. It received formal recognition from the Charities Commission in March 1990.

Since the formation of the BFMT, many agricultural students have benefited from bursaries and grants, and are now actively involved in agriculture. We also actively support local agricultural and Young Farmer's shows. In between these shows the ground is actively farmed.


For well over two centuries the Bowyer family has farmed hundreds of acres of land on many farms throughout Berkshire.

Minutes of Agricultural Associations and Agricultural Shows accurately record the family's involvement and enthusiasm within the farming community. Their interest in the work, their awareness of the importance of farming and their continual efforts to produce a better harvest and a superior grade of animal is evident by the many prizes and challenge trophies awarded to so many members of the family over the years.

Today in Berkshire, and particularly in the Thames Valley, we see commercial development and hi-tech industry all around us, but farming is still the backbone of our countryside. Yet for a member of the younger generation who wishes to make a positive and rewarding career from farming, it remains one of the most difficult occupations to enter. Students need all the help and encouragement they can get - help and encouragement that we continue to give.

As the world's population increases, coupled with escalating costs, it is essential that we recognise the need for a deeper scientific knowledge of this essential and wonderful industry - please help us to help them.

Objects of the Trust

To promote agriculture and excellence in the science of agriculture, and to award grants to assist in agricultural studies, with emphasis on, but not exclusively to, residents of the County of Berkshire, and to assist in the promotion of any agricultural show or event.

Also to assist such other charitable institutions or purposes, as the Trustees may from time to time decide at their absolute discretion.

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