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Recipients - Annabel

Since I started my Graduate Diploma in Agriculture in October 2013 at the RoyalAgricultural University my knowledge and passion for Agriculture has grown from strength to strength.

The course has been invaluable in taking my agricultural knowledge to another level which allows me to firstly become an employable graduate and secondly allowing me to fully understand agricultural literature.

I have taken eight modules: crop production, advanced crop production, red meat chains, farm business management, farm enterprise management, generalagriculture and advanced animal production.

I have learnt about the latest precision farming technology and techniques, how genetics are being used to improve EBV's and also there is no such thing as a typical farm as each farm enterprise is completely different in the methods used, the theories and the way the business is managed.

I have been on many field trips where I have seen many different farm enterprises including a goat dairy, a ram breeding centre and calf rearing farm. On each field trip I always find myself taking in a lot of information and have found that a lot of my knowledge has come from these trips.

There has been course work set for all my modules from crop identification to presentations to reports on soil and grass use. The work has been of an adequate level and has pushed me into thinking outside the box as well as having to do extra reading in order to apply sound knowledge to a piece of work.

On my course I have met a wide variety of people and this has improved my social skills as well as widening my outlook on society. I hope to keep in contact with my course colleagues.

The kind money that was given to me by the trust has allowed me in many different ways to improve my knowledge, skills and interests in agriculture; therefore I am currently in the process of attending interviews and applying for jobs within the agricultural sector as I know that this is the industry I wish to succeed in. The money has also allowed me to undertake some certificates at the University's Rural Skills Centre such as my PA1, PA2, ATV and also my B&E trailer licence. All these skills make me more employable in the industry.

Once again, thank you very much for the funds that I received from the trust. It has helped me to thoroughly enjoy this experience and make me a more employable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic person who is going into the agricultural industry.

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