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Recipients - Adam

Dear Mrs Bowyer

I would just like to tell you how I am doing at Brymore school now that I have been there for one school year. I have really settled in at Brymore, I have made a lot of new friends and I am getting along well with the teachers and my house parents. At the start of Byrmore I was struggling being away from my family and not knowing anyone there and not knowing any of the teachers. Now as I have settled in I have found it a lot easier to be away from my family and I have got on really well with all of the teachers.

At Brymore I have started to do a lot more than what I would have done at my old school. I have started playing rugby and I am now the captain of the school rugby team for year 10 and I am currently playing number 8 and I sometimes am a reserve for our year 11 rugby team.

I am finding school work a lot easier and understand it better because the class sizes are smaller so the teachers have time to help the whole class and I feel more confident in my work. The main parts that I like in the school is the Farm, gardens, design-technology and sports. I love working on the farm and this year at the open day I opted to show one of our beef cattle. At the start as was getting to know my cow I found out that she was not used to being shown around so I had a lot of work. So was down the farm nearly every evening after school and sometimes I went down the in the morning. All the hard work paid off and I came second in my group.

I am really enjoying my life at Brymore school and I would like to thank you very much for giving me the support to go. Now I have started an new year I know it is going to be harder because I have started my G.C.S.E'S and BTEC. I am now trying to find some work experience for next year.

Thank you again Adam

October 2012


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